The popular Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro has been named the World Capital of Architecture for 2020 by UNESCO.

The announcement was made by UNESCO’s assistant director-general for culture Ernesto Ottone R, Thomas Vonier, president of the International Union of Architects (UIA), and Verena Vicentini Andreatta, municipal secretary of the City of Rio for urbanism.

Following a recent partnership agreement with the UIA, UNESCO is responsible for selecting the World Capital of Architecture, which also hosts the UIA’s World Congress, an event that takes place every three years.

The World Capital of Architecture aims to provide an international platform for debates about pressing global challenges from the perspectives of culture, cultural heritage, urban planning and architecture.

Several activities will be organised to promote projects involving architects and urban planners as well as policy makers, social institutions and professionals from other sectors including artists and writers in an open and creative space of dialogue and innovation.