Sydney design firm Tribe Studio has strategically combatted the lack of storage space in a Sydney heritage terrace by creating a pulley system that allows bikes to be winched up into a ceiling void.

Tribe Studio worked to maxmise the living areas of House Bruce Alexander by incorporating into the double-storey terrace the kinds of storage facilities one would expect to find in a larger suburban home.

Designed for a busy young family, the brief asked for a place that the clients could store their bikes, which still made them accessible for daily use.

Tribe Studio developed a pulley system to hoist the family's bikes of the ground and out of view, up into the void of the double height atrium above. 

The house has also been extended through the addition of an attic above the existing first floor and a new volume at the back made from masonry, timber and supporting structural steel columns.

An open-plan kitchen and dining room, enclosed laundry unit, large pieces of art, as well as a wooden deck that leads onto a spacious outdoor courtyard, all contribute to the transformation of this high-density living space into a practical, comfortable and contemporary family home.

House Bruce Alexander by Tribe Studio

Courtesy Dezeen and Tribe Studio