A cooperative arrangement to share training and installation knowledge to continue improvements to the insulation industry is underway following a meeting between insulation associations across the Tasman.

The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ) met with the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ) and Insulation Australasia (IA) in Auckland last week, with the groups agreeing to collectively develop and improve insulation installer knowledge, training and development.

“All Standards for insulation in Australia have recently been reviewed or are currently being reviewed. Similarly New Zealand insulation standards are being reviewed and updated,” explains ICANZ chief executive officer, Dennis D’Arcy.

“The decision to get together with all associations to share knowledge and have practical input into standards and regulatory reviews seemed a much better approach; more effective than re-inventing the wheel both sides of the Tasman.”

D’Arcy adds that the group will share research reports, and aim to provide relevant consumer information regarding insulation for both professional and DIY installation services.

Hamish Aitken, president of IAONZ, says the New Zealand Association was originally set up to develop the skills and quality standards required to deliver the government’s ‘Warm UP New Zealand’ program effectively. Their focus is now to widen its scope to include commercial and residential new buildings.

The news of the agreement came just as the Royal Commission report on the Australian Government’s Home Insulation Program (HIP) was tabled in Parliament by Prime Minister Toby Abbott. Delivered by commissioner Ian Hanger QC, the report found seven key failures of the $2.8 billion insulation program, which had led to the deaths of four young men and hundreds of house fires in Australia.