World renowned architecture experts Indy Johar of Architecture 00, UK and Professor Laura Lee of Carnegie Mellon University, USA will headline the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia (AASA) 9th International Conference 2016 in Sydney.

Hosted by the UTS School of Architecture, the 9th AASA Conference is titled ‘Project to Practice: Innovating Architecture’ and will focus on the relationship of architecture to Australia’s emerging innovation economy.

Underlining the urgency for the need for innovation in Australia, AASA conference co-director and UTS Head of Architecture, Professor Anthony Burke said the conference will look at how the sector is shaping the policy and funding levers of tomorrow in the current economy. Though it’s certain that the practice of architecture will be affected by large shifts to the economy, workplace and education, there’s less clarity on the potential of innovation agendas to alter the very core of architectural practice, he added.

According to Professor Gerard Reinmuth, AASA conference co-director and UTS Practicing Professor of Architecture, the conference will explore points of view on innovation and its many forms within architecture, and how these changes are propelling new forms of work in the sector, and driving change in how the next generation of architect is being educated.

To open on 30 September 2016, the two-day conference is the first event of the 10th annual Sydney Architecture Festival, which also celebrates the bicentenary of the Office of the NSW Government Architect this year.

The AASA 9th International Conference 2016 Project to Practice: Innovating Architecture will be hosted by the UTS School of Architecture and the NSW Architects Registration Board. The conference directors are Professor Gerard Reinmuth, Timothy Horton and Professor Anthony Burke.

Image: Indy Johar (left) and Professor Laura Lee