Let’s take a look at some of the most popular articles on Architecture & Design this February.

1. US researchers develop engineered timber from recycled carbon fibre

Factory interior recycled engineered timber

Washington State University (WSU) researchers and the not-for-profit Composites Recycling Technology Centre (CRTC) are working together to create new mass timber materials from heat-treated wood and carbon fibre recycled from Boeing airplanes. 

2. A modern, low-maintenance beach house with a view

Seachange house

Seachange House is a low-maintenance beach house designed to achieve value for money while employing a range of ESD principles.

3. Exoskeleton House: Renovating a 1950s brick bungalow

takt exoskeleton house

Exoskeleton House is the renovation of a 1950s brick bungalow as a space for relaxation and retreat.

4. The off-grid townhouses with sweeping Melbourne views

Clifton Hill Terraces front facade off-grid townhouses

Clifton Hill Terraces is a dual townhouse development in inner-city Melbourne for environmentally conscious clients looking for a place to retire alongside friends and family.

5. An ultra-sustainable, intelligent family home

habitech hampton sustainable home

Hampton House is a highly sustainable family home that utilises intelligent technology to minimise energy consumption.

6. Rejuvenating an 1890s terrace for family life

1890s terrace renovation

This project is a rejuvenated 1890s terrace house on a small sloping site in the inner-Sydney suburb of Paddington.

7. Adaptive reuse of a set of 1960s Melbourne townhouses

adaptive reuse 1960s Melbourne townhouses

This project is a rejuvenated 1890s terrace house on a small sloping site in the inner-Sydney suburb of Paddington.

8. Climate change may change the way ocean waves impact 50 percent of the world’s coastlines

climate change ocean waves

The rise in sea levels is not the only way climate change will affect the coasts. Our research, published in Nature Climate Change, found a warming planet will also alter ocean waves along more than 50 percent of the world’s coastlines.

9. A home with two very different architectural styles

verge house

Verge House is a celebration of the threshold between two different architectural styles; a clear depiction of the home’s history.

10. World's best architecture master degrees of 2019

harvard gsd

Best Architecture Masters has released its 2019 rankings for the best architecture master programs in the world.