Made in France, the ‘Anthenea’ pod is a floating eco-hotel suite that runs only on solar power. The autonomous electric pod is designed for a new kind of tourism that addresses the many environmental challenges of our time, including: rising sea levels, the effects of climate change, the overdensity of the seaboard, and places congested by tourism.

Its spherical shape is based on the principle of ‘surface tension’ observed in nature, which, according to its designers, is the optimal form of resistance to extreme conditions on the water.

The nomadic Anthenea offers guests the chance to enjoy the world’s underwater landscapes as it floats through oceans, rivers and lakes.

The different models available meet several function needs, offering as a luxury hotel suite, spa-room or events space. like a lotus flower, the spherical pod is just set on the water, while, thanks to its innovating sand screw anchoring, it makes no damage nor impact on the underwater ecosystem and environment.

Anthenea comes with an adjustable sunshade roof, solar panels, a panoramic bathtub, and 220 cm bedding diameter.

The pod is 100% recyclable, while its design has been studied to resist cataclysms and the rise of oceans. only running on solar power, the floating habitat features an energy sensor dome that meets the electrical and hot water needs.

Anthenea is equipped with certified black and gray water stations, produces what it consumes, releasing clean water only.