Shipping containers have been stacked like building blocks to create the trendy new ‘Container Bar’ in Austin, Texas.

Designed in a collaboration between North Arrow Studio and Hendley | Knowles Design Studio, the 750 square-metre bar features seven, brightly coloured containers towered on top one another.

The repurposed units have been assembled to provide a variety of both open and enclosed spaces within the one venue.

Included in the arrangement is an outdoor, double height bar area, covered by a floating roof structure, and a series of private rooms, each furnished and decorated in a different theme.

The corrugated walls and steel frames of the shipping containers mean the bar’s structure is extremely durable, enhanced further by steel posts and lintels that were added to support the incorporated windows and doors.

The unique design also makes it easy to dismantle and relocate the bar, should the need arise.

Courtesy Design Milk