Friend or foe – the human robot interface
Revolution for prefab homes: moving digital fabrication back onsite

The RMIT Design Hub will host an exhibition, Technics & Touch to test the limits of human and robot proficiencies, with a symposium to discuss the implications of the research project.

Technics & Touch: Body-Matter-Machine » Until Saturday 30 January: Project Rooms 1 & 2, Level 2

Technics & Touch: Body-Matter-Machine at Design Hub will engage humans and robots in friendly competition to assess their individual competencies through a series of experimental scenarios. The exhibition consists of two parallel events: a laboratory space in Project Room 1, where artists 'in-residence' – Charles Anderson and Jondi Keane – will produce drawings in conjunction with the robot; and Project Room 2, which will reflect upon a diverse range of works by practitioners who explore rule-based or procedural drawing, which use a set of parameters to enable an idea or task to be performed.

Technics & Touch Symposium » Thursday 28 January, 2 - 4pm: Project Room 1, Level 2

The symposium will see a number of researchers from the arts, sciences and technology areas join Charles Anderson and Jondi Keane to discuss the implications and applications of the research project, specifically the procedural approaches to real-time sensory feedback systems for humans and robots. The informal session will include a human-robot collaborative drawing demonstration, blackboard session and an open conversation about the issues that arose during the exhibition, which include notion of robot perception and interpretation, parametric translations, expression and intention, and the expanded and extended creative workspace that can be constructed between human and robot. 

Speakers include Roland Snooks, Tim Schork, Jane Burry, Gwylim Jahn and Pia Ednie-Brown amongst other invited guests.


Technics & Touch: Body-Matter-Machine; Project Room 1

Practitioners/performers: Charles Anderson and Jondi Keane

Project Room 2

Works by Charles Anderson, Jane Burry, Kristof Crolla, Gwyllim Jahn, Jondi Keane, Casey Reas, Tim Schork, Roland Snooks

Curators: Charles Anderson, Fleur Watson, Kate Rhodes

Graphic Design: Sean Hogan, Trampoline

RMIT Architectural Robotics Lab Director: Roland Snooks

Programming and Development: Jules Rutten, Cam Newnham, Chris Ferris

Thank you: Boom Studios, Professor Richard Blythe, RMIT School of Architecture & Design, RMIT Landscape Architecture Program, RMIT School Research Committee

Image: Technics & Touch: Body-Matter-Machine, RMIT Design Hub, 2015. Photography by Tobias Titz.