Canadian company Henson Developments has released plans to build the world’s tallest Passive House in Vancouver. 

At 60 storeys high, the tower would not only be the world’s tallest Passive House but also one of the tallest buildings among the Vancouver skyline.

Designed by Tom Wright of UK-based WKK Architects in collaboration with Vancouver-based executive architect IBI Group, the tower was conceived as a way to subvert expectations on what a Passive House can and should look like.

“What makes it a really big deal is the amount of attention it will get with the public, as well as with developers, designers,” says the city’s green building manager, Sean Pander, in a comment to the Vancouver Courier. 

According to Pander, this development could help drive innovation in low-carbon, healthy buildings and put downward pressure on future Passive House developments. 

City Of Vancouver staff are reviewing a rezoning application for the site, with a staff report to go before city council for referral for a public hearing. 

Image credit: Henson Developments