After more than 12 months talking and interviewing the very best and most interesting people in the world of Australian architecture, building, construction, design and engineering, our podcast has finally hit the big time.

Talking Architecture & Design is now available for listening on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google, Soundcloud and Buzzsprout, meaning users can now download the podcast and listen to us on any device, wherever and whenever they want.

In other words, users have seen us in print and online, and now they can hear our guests loud and clear with our relaunched podcast.

Talking Architecture & Design interviews the very people who are working at the cutting edge of design, technology, and practice in Australian and world architecture.

By downloading Talking Architecture & Design on their favourite mobile device, users will be able to learn all about some of the most interesting people in the industry and about what they're doing, where they're headed, and how they can learn from their experiences.

To find the podcast series, users need to type in Architecture & Design into their favourite podcast app and download the desired episode.

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