Norwest Business Park in Sydney’s north-west is set to be transformed into a ‘smart city’, according to new plans from developer Mulpha.

The $3-billion masterplan for the 377-hectare site will be rolled out over the next 10 years, and will incorporate residential, commercial and retail projects. In addition, will be over 50 hectares of public open space, activated public parks and plazas.


“Mulpha is working creatively with a broad team of outstanding Australian and international experts in health and education, architecture, planning and engineering to re-envision how people will live, work and play in the future,” says Tim Spencer, executive general manager at Mulpha Norwest.

Reported architects involved in the project include A+ Design Group.

Currently as it stands, Norwest is 377 hectares, the size of Sydney’s CBD. This size includes 180 hectares of business land, 151 hectares of residential land and 46 hectares of waterways, walking trails and parks, including the historic Bella Vista Farm Park.


The proposed redevelopments for Norwest will benefit from a number of infrastructure projects committed and currently under implementation. These include the $8 billion Sydney Metro North West Rail project, a further $3.6 billion of infrastructure upgrades to western Sydney roads and the $20 billion new Western Sydney Airport. The stations – Norwest and Bella Vista – on the Sydney Metro North West Line will be operational from 2019.

“As Sydney’s population and economic centre moves west, our vision is to create a highly desirable work and lifestyle destination that will attract entrepreneurial workers and industries of the future, including world-leading innovation enterprises,” says Spencer.

“It is all about connectivity, in terms of living, working, transport and the environment. This is how people want to live and work into the future, and how businesses will thrive in the digital age, so we are providing the physical and non-physical infrastructure to enable this to happen.”

Mulpha has also engaged consultants to investigate smart city innovations. These include driverless shuttles, a fully integrated transport strategy, installation of healthcare technology for healthy living and ageing in place, off-grid energy options, and high-speed public zone Wi-Fi.

“[O]ur commitment to creating a new model of a city extends well beyond the physical infrastructure,” says Spencer.

“We are working in collaboration with some of the best thought leaders in Australia and overseas to establish a new life-long approach connecting education, research, product development, business and most importantly a new-age, smart and innovative workforce.”

The vision for Norwest Business Park is structured around five distinct precincts. Read a brief description on each precinct below:


The Exchange is already a bustling hub of over 5,000 workers for world leading organisations including Woolworths, Westpac and Strongbuild. Mulpha’s vision is to further enhance this hub by actively encouraging collective intelligence.


The Valley at Norwest is envisioned as a place that actively empowers organisations to pursue innovation. With a range of commercial opportunities on offer, this precinct is set to become a dynamic campus where businesses are encouraged to harness diversity, collaborate, cross-pollinate and grow.


With its mix of office workers, retail shoppers, residents, entertainment patrons and visitors, The Quarter will be the soul of Norwest’s redevelopment. Boutique serviced apartments are envisioned within premium residences that will be surrounded by specialty and convenience shopping, music and entertainment options, and cafes, eateries and bars.


By integrating The Village into part of the Norwest community, Mulpha hopes that this precinct will reflect the technology-led nature of its neighbours. The Village will feature a diversity of housing, from terraces and town houses to free-standing homes and premium residences.


At the centre of Norwest, historic Bella Vista Farm is one of the best surviving examples of a hilltop farm in the Sydney metropolitan area. Along with 50 kilometres of pathways and cycleways, Mulpha’s key feature for The Farm is a world-leading cultural facility.