Barangaroo-based property developer Romeciti has purchased two nurseries - North Rocks Greenery and Camden Nursery - in a move they say, will give them the ability to guarantee the delivery of green landscapes to their urban projects.

The move is part of Romeciti's 'Green Philosophy', which it says makes 'green' as more than just a buzz word, but a completely different way to live - one that's healthier for residents and the planet. 

According to the company, over 50 percent of its apartment developments are dedicated to green space, including abundant leafy rooftop gardens, native plants for landscaping and investments in sustainable design and technologies.

The developer says it has implemented what it calls its 2018 Green Strategy to deliver a more diversified, sustainable product portfolio and retrofit its green approach to past developments.

"What we call our 'Multi-Layer Landscape Strength' (nature, healthy lifestyle, social, craftsmanship with technology and culture) aims to help us focus our business on the upgrading apartment market, delivering products based on the real needs of discerning apartment buyers, as well as setting the ecology standard in urban living," says Mark Grzic, spokesperson of Romeciti.

"This strategy has been applied to our current GREEN series and NATURA apartment series projects, which has seen luxury design used in harmony with natural elements to restore the mind, body and soul while also embedding convenient technology into their facilities," he adds.

According to Grzic, since Romeciti was formed, it has always been focused on creating 'green cities'. 

"We feel that a healthy community includes having access to green spaces, as it has been proven to bring a sense of calm and wellness in this busy modern world. We feel this growing market desire for a green environment is just a natural shift by educated buyers who recognize the importance of greenery in a long-term residence."

"The primary reason for the nursery purchases has always been about being able to ensure that we can provide our residents and our projects with an extensive range of mature plants," he says.

"These nursery purchases provide Romeciti with the long-term security to be able to fulfil our goals."

"The nurseries allow us to start acquiring the trees we need for our projects, and at the same time provide us with expertise to ensure that they are the plants we select are the right plants for the environment and that will thrive in their new homes," says Grzic.