The Sunshine Coast Council has shortlisted 12 finalists in an innovative competition to design a public toilet for the town of Kenilworth, Queensland.

Open to everyone from qualified architects and designers through to students, the $10,000 Kenilworth Designer Dunny competition required contestants to design a public toilet building that would reflect the aspirations of the local community, deliver an iconic facility, and draw the attention of visitors.

Designer Dunny contest finalists:

PL (Art) Form by Alexis Beaussart; The Gallery by Bryce Bessell; The Changing Spiral by Hecticrat Architects; The Call of Nature by Bligh Graham Architects; Cloud Hill by Bruce Chadlowe and Carl Holder; The Red Paddock by Kieron Gait Architects; Hinka Booma Rise by Andrew Hayes; The Loop Garden by David Hislop and Ross Liddell; Canistrum by Michael Lennie; Sentinel by Other Architects; Hinka Booma Viewpoint by Belinda Scott and Dean Scott; and Kenilworth Rest by Teeland Architects.

The jury was chaired by Sunshine Coast architect John Mainwaring, and also included Sunshine Coast Councillor Greg Rogerson, Queensland Art Gallery senior curator Lynne Seear, sculptor Greg Johns and former Kenilworth Arts Council President Shirley Moreland.

After receiving community feedback on the shortlisted entries and final jury assessment, the winner will be announced in March 2016.

Image: The Gallery by Bryce Bessell (Photo: Sunshine Coast Council)