Inspired by the rising sun and clad in 10,000 illuminated glass panels, the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel will provide guests with a luxurious retreat when it opens its doors in mid-November.

Zhang Hai Ao of Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Company designed the orb-like structure as a symbolic reference to China’s growing economy.

From the side, the hotel looks like a scallop, which in Chinese culture represents ‘fortune’, while the semicircular hotel entrance evokes the mouth of a fish, which symbolizes ‘prosperity’. 

The hotel rises to a height of 97 meters, with the building’s curving glass façade reflecting the colour of the sky, the surrounding mountain range and the Yanqi Lake, on which it is located.

At night, hydroelectric-powered LED lights light up the exterior.

The interior of the hotel is designed by U.S.-based DiLeonardo Design and features 306 guest suites, alongside meeting rooms, recreational and fitness facilities and a range of restaurants and bars.

Despite its all-glass exterior, the hotel, which took 24 months to complete, is designed to be able to withstand a level 8 earthquake.

Courtesy CNN