The ‘Jellyfish Barge’ by Italian design office Studiomobile is a sustainable crop cultivation system that does not rely on soil, fresh water or chemical energy consumption.

Designed in response to the world’s escalating population and resource demand, the floating greenhouse aims to provide new cultivable land without relying on deforestation or land use change.

Built using low-cost technologies and simple materials, the prism-shaped structure consists of a 70 square metre wood and glass greenhouse that floats on top of a collection of recycled plastic drums.

Arranged around the perimeter of the barge are seven solar desalination units that work to produce up to 150 litres of clean fresh water each day from salt, brackish and polluted water.

Inside the greenhouse, a fully automated, water-efficient hydroponic harvesting system cultivates a variety of plants and crops.

The modular nature of the Jellyfish Barge means that while a single element is completely autonomous, a combination or cluster of barges is able to create a stronger and more resilient organism.

Courtesy Studiomobile and Designboom