A group of students, staff, and alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) have transformed a vacated parking station into an ecologically responsible, micro-housing experiment.

SCADpad is a community of three micro-residence prototypes, designed to fit in a standard 8 by 16 foot parking space.

Each micro unit is styled to reflect a different continent where SCAD has satellite campuses - North America, Asia, and Europe.

Constructed using found and reclaimed materials, the SCADpads each feature a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage, and five star energy HVAC systems.

SCAD also transformed each unit’s adjacent parking space into an exterior courtyard and communal gathering area, adorned by sweeping views, custom-designed furniture and wall mounted air plants.

In addition to the fully furnished micro houses and communal spaces, the experimental community also includes a hands-free 3D printing work station; a bicycle and scooter parking area; a community garden watered with filtered graywater and lit by a Parans fiber-optic daylighting system; and “NuBox” waste management containers built from reclaimed wood and equipped with bins for recycling, composting, and trash disposal.

Courtesy Inhabitat