Sweden's Belatchew Arkitekter has drawn up plans to build “vermin farms” on nine major roundabouts in Stockholm as a demonstration of a sustainable alternative to protein production.

Titled ‘Buzz Building’, the doughnut-shaped complex takes inspiration from the form of an insect with a steel exoskeleton encasing 10,350 sqm of farmable space that will be used for the cultivation of crickets.

The facility is designed to house the entire cricket production cycle, from egg to edible insect, which will in turn be prepared and sold for consumption at a restaurant located on the ground floor of the building.

The aim of the project is to offer a sustainable source of protein for the city amid population growth and to provide the public with a transparent insight into the food production process, something that, according to Belatchew Arkitekters, is often hidden in the meat production industry.

In addition, the Buzz Building will also incorporate a safe haven for endangered wild bees, protecting them from extinction as well as keeping Stockholm a productive and fertile city.

Courtesy World Architecture News and Inhabitat