The Association of Consulting Architects Australia announces the launch of an important survey that aims to study the structural change in the architecture profession over time.

Launched by ACA – SA, the State of the Profession Survey represents an important study of architectural practice in South Australia and is part of ongoing national research to better understand these changes and use the knowledge to plan strategies for the future. The survey seeks to understand the evolution of the profession, and asks respondents to reflect on changes in practice over the last ten years.

ACA – SA President John Held explained that the survey findings will provide an important evidence base on which to ground investigation and propositions about the future of the architectural profession in South Australia. 

The industry is undergoing massive structural change with the profession facing major challenges from the changing procurement methods, the shifting nature of architectural services, the broadening of potential roles, the transfer of risk onto architects, and tight fee competition. 

However, these shifts are known through anecdotal evidence with very little data currently available, which makes it difficult to plan future strategies. The survey aims to use the responses to develop new knowledge about modes of practice, ensuring that the architecture profession can continue to effectively contribute to the South Australian community.

Sue Phillips of ACA – SA underlines the need to have real data on how the profession currently operates and how this has changed over time to understand the policy interventions needed to maintain the profession’s relevance. She urged all architectural practices to take part in the survey to assist the ACA in developing a sustainable and relevant profession.

ACA – SA encourages all practices working in South Australia to participate in the survey and help chart the future of architectural practice in Australia.

The survey is part of the ACA – SA State of the Profession project, funded through the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia (APBSA) Research Fellowship, and awarded to John Held and Sue Phillips of ACA – SA.

The State of the Profession Survey is open to all practices involved in architecture operating in South Australia.

The survey is open now and closes Friday 11 December, 2015.