Every new interior fit-out or renovation will have a number of finish preferences that a client won’t want to compromise on. Chief among these are the quality of work surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms. Bench tops, splashbacks, vanities and wall linings are more likely to contribute to the overall aesthetic than any other single element in a room, so it’s important to get surface finishes just right.

Among other priorities, will be sustainability and cost; which is why engineered composites offer such an attractive alternative to natural materials such as granite and marble. The relative environmental impact of quarrying natural materials, compared to mined quartz for composite surfaces can be significant, with mined quartz typically leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. This will be especially true if the piece being quarried has a large surface area. Being from a natural, single block, marble and granite surfaces that are required to meet exacting finish standards, will be harder and more expensive to source as well as ship and store.

Engineered quartz has superior durability to granite & marble, being stain and chemical resistant and less susceptible to cracking and chipping. Granite also needs sealing every year, whereas the resin in quartz tops means that not only is this not necessary, but that it does not harbour bacteria in the surface imperfections. Quartz is also resistant to oil, liquids and acids meaning its naturally durable and very low maintenance.

Australia’s leading supplier of engineered quartz surfaces, Smartstone, has recently added to its range of beautiful surfaces with two Italian-inspired finishes. Identical in appearance to marble from the mountains of Northern Italy, their Statuario Venato finish is set on a luminous background featuring distinctive, fluid-grey veining; and featuring rich gold accents, their Calacatta Blanco stone will deliver a high-end, luxury feel to any interior treatment.

The sheer variety of available composite quartz finishes gives designers the broadest palette to choose from. Smartstone have a range of 24 colours and textures that will satisfy any client.

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