A conceptual project by SPARK Architects offers Singapore’s elderly residents the chance to live in high-density, flexible housing, located amongst a garden environment.

Titled ‘Home Farm’, the scheme's housing has been designed to cater for the needs of senior citizens and is stacked in a curvilinear terraced formation.

At the lower levels of the development are publicly accessible farming facilities, which would provide retirees the opportunity to work part-time under the direction of a professional implementation team.

The urban farm is intended to help boost the personal income of the site’s residents, while contributing to a sense of community.

Features such as the collection of rainwater, for use in aquaponic systems, and the use of plant waste for energy production, would enrich the environmental sustainability and efficiency of Home Farm.

Also incorporated in the plans are a produce market, organic supermarket and agriculture centre that would sell the produce grown in the gardens.

SPARK designed the proposal in response to the issue of Singapore’s rapidly ageing population, however they believe there is the potential for it to be applied in any growing city that would support the growth of lush vegetation on building façades and rooftops.  

Courtesy Designboom