The highest accolade offered by the Australian Institute of Architects within South Australia, the Sir James Irwin President’s Prize, has been awarded to Adrian Evans at the 2013 South Australian Architecture Awards.

Evans began his journey as an architect working for the SA Government, before working as Principal Architect of the National Capital Development Commission in Canberra for two years.

He soon became a principal and corporate head of Architecture at Hassell, during which he was responsible for well-known buildings in Adelaide, including the Santos Athletics Stadium, the Central Wing at St Andrews Hospital and Mile End.

Since 2002, Evans has been leading his own practice JPE and growing his built legacy through projects such as the Margaret Tobin Mental Health Centre at Flinders University, and the Wave and Edge Office and Apartments Development at King William Street, SA.

The Margaret Tobin Mental Health Centre at Flinders University

“I have chosen to award an individual whom I believe has not only made outstanding contributions to architecture in South Australia but also exemplifies many of the qualities that define an architect,’ says South Australian President Steve Grieve.

“It has not always been the easiest road – architecture is a tough profession – but throughout his career he has been true to his values and true to his unswerving passion for design and the pursuit of excellence.”

Alex Hall has also been honoured with the Emerging Architects Prize for his dedication and enthusiasm towards the profession of architecture and design.

Having graduated from the University of South Australia in 2006 with first class honours, Hall is employed with Hassell SA, where he has worked on numerous design projects within Adelaide.  This includes the Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct and the Giant Panda Holding Facility.

Currently involved with the AIA’s SA chapter as a chapter councillor, Hall is also a keen advocate of community design activities, co-directing Adelaide’s ‘Park[ing] Day’ event, curating exhibitions and contributing to the 5000plus project.