Japanese electronics company Sony is crowdfunding a retrofittable, high-tech lock that allows users to open doors with their smartphone.

The Qrio’s crowdfunding page says the product will allow people to share encrypted keys via messaging apps such as Facebook or Whatsapp, giving friends and family access to the front door by using the compatible application. 

While the smart lock is not the first of its kind, it is expected to retail at a cheaper price (approximately $126) than some of the other products on the market.  

Sony claims the device will also be the smallest of its kind and can be securely installed without any tools.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony posted the scheme on the Japanese Makuake crowdfunding site in order to gain feedback from consumers and is hoping to gain an initial 1,500 orders via the campaign.

Details about release dates and availability have not yet been revealed.

Courtesy Wall Street Journal