The use of solar storage batteries across Australia is expected to rise massively after German company Sonnen says it will build a battery plant in South Australia.

In fact, some reports claim the country is looking at a projected battery usage growth of up to 300 percent following this news along with the fact that a residential battery power rebate that will also kick off in that state.

Sonnen is the world's largest producer of household battery and solar energy storage solutions and currently manufactures in Germany and the United States and currently has more than 35,000 units installed worldwide.

The company has gone on record saying that it will also establish a technical training facility in the Adelaide.

According to Sonnen Australia managing director Chris Parratt, "We are very excited by the prospect of manufacturing in South Australia for the Australian export markets, and realising our expectation that Australia will become the world's number one market for energy storage systems."

This latest announcement follows last years' news of Tesla completing the world's largest lithium-ion battery(100MW/129MWh) at Neoen's Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia's mid-North region.

Currently, the South Australian government has implemented a scheme whereby users can spend up to $10,000 with no interest charged for the first seven years to purchase solar panels and solar batteries.

South Australia currently leads the country in the uptake of wind energy and rooftop solar with renewable sources, which according to the latest figures, accounts for almost 50 percent of the electricity generated in the state.

Sonnen says that it will manufacture 50,000 energy storage systems in Adelaide over the next five years to create a 'virtual power plant' under a five-year deal with the state.