A coalition of affordable housing advocacy peak bodies has rejected the comments made by Jason Falinski MP chair of the Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue’s Inquiry into housing affordability and supply in Australia, labelling them as ‘uninformed and prejudiced’.

The Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA), Homelessness Australia, and National Shelter, object in the strongest terms to Falinski’s misrepresentation of the sector and disregard for the important contribution that affordable housing makes to the wellbeing of Australians in housing need. 

Wendy Hayhurst, CEO at the Community Housing Industry Association says “Mr Falinski’s comments are out of touch with official thinking. Only last week Infrastructure Australia recommended the design and implementation of programs to increase supply.”

The 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan called for all levels of government to invest in social and affordable rental housing, recognising that well-maintained and designed social housing provides many community benefits, supporting individual and societal wellbeing and productivity, and reducing costs in health and justice services.

“The OECD, led by former Finance Minister Cormann, has also recently endorsed  the importance of social housing investment” Hayhurst sasy.

Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter head, says “Rents across Australia have increased by an average of 8.5% over the last five years, and by a whopping 22.9% in the regions. The Inquiry should look at how to make all housing more affordable and available and social housing plays a vital role protecting low income and vulnerable families. Markets fail people on low incomes.”  

Image: https://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/blogs/public-housing-developments-sydney