Panasonic’s installation for the 2014 Milan Design week is a “breathing” home that blends classic Japanese architectural features with modern LED lighting.

Created by Japanese firm, Torafu Architects, the ‘Sliding Nature’ house uses the concept of traditional Japanese sliding doors to demonstrate the flexibility of blending exterior and interior spaces.

The doors are made from either white paper or fabric and encourage air circulation through the open living space.

When the doors are opened, the home’s interior lights up and “communicates” with LEDs, which have been planted in the surrounding lawn.

The lights play off each other, creating an ever-changing environment, which is outlined by the medieval architecture of the University of Milan in the background.

For Panasonic, the Sliding Nature installation represents the possibility of creating homes with a natural, healthy environment highlighted by energy efficient features such as low-power electronics and new renewable technology.

Courtesy Inhabitat