Finalists for the 2013 10-Star Challenge have been announced by the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV).

Five building designers have conceptualised 10-Star energy-efficient homes that combine admirable design with efficient planning solutions and creative use of materials.

This year’s finalists in the BDAV’s 10-Star Challenge include:

  • Maxa Design (Blackburn) for Aussie All Stars
  • F2 Design (Carlton) in collaboration with Phoebe Clarke for the Edible House
  • MichSquared Design (West Coburg) in collaboration with Emma Schmutzer & Faith Tek for Eco-10 Concept
  • Armsby Architects (Port Melbourne) for Richmond Green
  • Melbourne Design Studios (Heidelberg Heights) for Sustainable Inner Living.

Television personality and 10-Star Challenge ambassador James O’Loghlin congratulated the finalists for their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

“The 10-Star Challenge allows building designers to showcase their expertise in eco-friendly design, at a time when Australians are paying more attention to energy use in their homes,” O’Loghlin says.

“This initiative shows that achieving a higher energy star rating in our household is very achievable.

Melbourne Design Studios for Sustainable Inner Living.

While the 10-Star Challenge is a design competition, submissions were also judged on whether they achieved a level of thermal performance that requires no heating or cooling energy to maintain comfort.

This year, for the first time, the challenge was expanded to all Australian climate zones.

Melbourne Design Studios for Sustainable Inner Living.

BDAV president Michael O’Sullivan says the challenge encouraged members to ‘think big’ and design a home that is well beyond the regulatory standard.

“Building designers are at the forefront of innovation, with their ability to create environmentally-sustainable designs that not only meet energy standards, but are also cost effective,” O’Sullivan says.

“The introduction of 6-Star energy standards in Victoria in 2011 led building designers to think about creating homes for Victorians with higher energy star ratings that meet aesthetic demand.

MichSquared Design (West Coburg) in Collaboration with Emma Schumtzer & Faith Tek for Eco-10 Concept.

With the BDAV committed to helping reduce greenhouse emissions, members have long seen sustainable design as best practice.

“The 10-Star challenge highlights our commitment to the future of sustainable design,” he says.

The winner of the 10-Star Challenge will be announced at the BDAV’s Annual Dinner on 27 July 2013.

The BDAV’s 2013 10-Star Challenge is proudly sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, bankmecu, and Paarhammer Windows.

Maxa Design (Blackburn) for Aussie All Stars.