A Chinese architecture firm has unveiled designs for two shipping container skyscrapers that they believe would provide better temporary housing for Mumbai’s overpopulated Dhavari Slum.

If realised, ‘Containscrapers’ by CRG Architects would house 5,000 people across two multi-colour skyscrapers comprising 2,500 stacked shipping containers.

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Supported by a concrete structure, the container skyscrapers would be arranged so that the edges overlap, creating two cylindrical towers: one measuring at 400 metres, the other at 200.

CRG Architects suggest that a single container could be subdivided into a studio apartment, while up to three containers could be joined for a three bedroom residence.

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The unique shape of the buildings works to evenly distribute the weight of the containers, while also allowing for wind to flow through and cool the structure.

Coloured in red, yellow, green and blue, the colour scheme was chosen to respond to the heat rating of each side of the building; with red containers placed on the south façade, blue on the north, and yellow and green on the east and west.

The Containscrapers concept won third prize in an ideas competition aimed at creating affordable housing solutions out of shipping containers.