Architect Vasily Klyukin has envisioned a colossal sailing ship structure to house a new medical facility and international clinic in Tunisia, North Africa.

Developed as part of the mega Tunisia Economic City beach front development, the White Sails Hospital & Spa has been designed as a peaceful environment that eliminates the fears and anxieties commonly experienced by patients.

The ship’s hull extends across the waterfront of the urban metropolis with a sweeping bow providing shade beneath its canopy.

Four vertical ‘sails’ harbour labs, preventative care centres and a wellness spa and feature terraces and balconies that overlook the plaza and guest amenities below.

At night, brightly coloured lights are shone onto the hospital, illuminating the towering structure.

The rest of Tunisia's Economic City will consist of 14 smart zones and four economic centres including tourist, academic, health and commercial areas.

Courtesy Designboom