Bla Design Group proposes ‘Shifting Nests’, a sustainable housing solution for low-cost, flexible living in unaffordable cities.

Winner of the Bee Breeders Microhome Competition 2019, the project comprises a cluster of prefab micro-homes, each with a floor area of 25 sqm.

‘Shifting Nests’ targets vacant lots in Vancouver that require remediation for development, transforming them into small-scale housing hubs for the city’s young professional demographic.

'Vancouver, Canada, is quickly becoming one of the world’s most unaffordable cities,' reads the commentary of the Bee Breeders Microhome Competition 2019 jury.

‘While a large number of young professionals are drawn to the city by work opportunities, many also soon leave because they simply cannot afford to live here. the city, paradoxically, is not comparatively dense.’

Bla Design Group‘s ‘Shifting Nests’ presents a sustainable housing solution for young professionals that targets the city’s under-utilised lots.

The prefabricated housing solution consists of a plywood, metal cladding, and corrugated polycarbonate on a series of simple frames.

The micro-homes can be arranged and oriented according to the inhabitants’ individual preferences, while they can also be customised depending on specific needs.

Each nest has a floor area of 25 sqm, while the entrance module of each structure is utilised as a vertical hydroponic system. As such, inhabitants can use this transitional space between inside and outside to farm and harvest their own food.