Federation Story, a digital time capsule of Federation Square in Melbourne, will be used to build a permanent digital collection of the personal stories of ‘The Architects of Victoria’, thus creating a record of achievements and reflections of life in contemporary Victoria for future generations.

The Federation Story capsule will provide all members of the Australian Institute of Architects an opportunity to record their personal stories and reflections of their work in Victoria. For instance, participants can note a summary of their vision for a specific project, when it was commissioned, and how it was completed.

Speaking at the AIA Victorian Chapter’s International Women’s Day Breakfast, Jane Sydenham-Clarke from Fed Square said that personal story telling is one of the most powerful and productive ways an individual or community can communicate across the mainstream and social media.

“Federation Square, with over ten million visitors a year, is seen locally and internationally as a great story teller of Victorian and Australian contemporary life through its Big Screen, digital publishing and hundreds of events each year,” said Sydenham-Clarke.

“Through Federation Story we are building an online portal that provides a history of personal stories of architects who have made a major contribution to Victoria through the design, renovation and redevelopment of buildings, including those with heritage and historic significance.”

"Essentially we are problem solvers, who like to create innovative spaces and places, bringing delight and commodity to the people that use them."
- Michael Peck AM, former CEO of the Australian Institute of Architects

The scope of architectural design would cover architectural work in both metropolitan and suburban areas, regional and country locations. Projects large and small, ranging from commercial buildings to the design of a family home, can be included.

Federation Story is an ongoing project actively promoted as a major educational and social media resource that seeks to bridge the information gap locally, nationally and internationally with its personal focus.

Entries already locked in the capsule include one by Mark Loughnan, HASSELL principal and joint head of architecture, Michael Peck AM, former CEO of the AIA, and architect Fiona Winzar who specialises in residential projects and houses.

Architect Fiona Winzar talks about how sustainability sits with architecture and design

Peter Malatt, incoming President of the Victorian Chapter of the AIA, welcomed ‘The Architects of Victoria’ project in partnership with Fed Square, saying it provides the profession and individual architects the chance to promote the contribution made by architects to the quality of life in Victoria through building design.

“The theme of ‘The Architects of Victoria’ being based around personal reflections and comment will provide a rich tapestry of views, design and categories of buildings,” he said.

For more information, please visit http://www.federationstory.com.

Images courtesy of Federation Story