Shanghai architecture studio 00group proposed a unique design for a competition organised by Bee Breeders that called for creating a new landmark in the extraordinary landscape of Iceland.

The Iceland Cave Tower Competition called for proposals for an observation point accommodating a small visitor centre on the Vogar farmland site overlooking Vogagjá – a spectacular ground fissure resulting from seismic activity. The fissure marks the boundary between the two tectonic plates of the European and North American continents. The Vogagjá fissure also houses caves that draw thousands of visitors each year, making the remote site a popular destination for tourists. The project sought eco-friendly, site-specific solutions.

Inspired by the power of nature as well as Iceland’s geography, 00group’s design titled ‘Anchor of the Plates’ proposes buildings as anchors to bridge the two tectonic plates across the ground fissure. 

“The observation towers act as a boat trying to pull these two plates together and further reveal the tension beneath visually and metaphorically,” the studio explained.

The two towers are connected by a skinny ropeway bridge with a system of gears automatically adjusting the distance to any shift in the tectonic plates that could widen the fissure. Visitors can sit inside and enjoy cave sights or watch the fissure grow, climb up to the observation deck for a 360-degree panoramic view of the landscape, or take an adventurous walk across to the other end of the fissure on the swaying ropeway.

Images: Rendering ©00Group