A series of concerts will be hosted in Harry Seidler-designed buildings as part of Sydney Festival 2018.

To be held throughout January 2018, the Seidler Salon Series will take place at a number of buildings across the city, including the Harry and Penelope Seidler House, 372 Elizabeth Street, the Seidler Penthouse, the Rose Seidler House, and the Cove Apartments. The series will showcase musical styles as diverse as baroque, classical, romantic, modern Australian and Baltic folk.   

Among the performances scheduled for the festival is one from Icelandic pianist, composer and improviser, Davíð Þór.

“Knowing about Seidler's interest in Bach, and with the house being so modern and brutal at the same time, it made me really reflect on contrasts,” says Þór.

“To structure a written or improvised piece, you can start with a fundamental idea that is abstract, linear, melodic and functional, or even simply rhythmic and textured… I imagine this is similar to drawing a house – collecting ideas from the surroundings, adding and removing layers and constantly reflecting.”

Sydney Festival 2018 will run between 6 and 28 January 2018. For more information regarding the Seidler Salon Series, click here