Students from Glasgow’s Strathclyde University have designed and built a tiny mirrored lookout that blends seamlessly into Scotland’s Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Developed as part of their Advanced Architectural Design thesis and in conjunction with the Scottish Scenic Routes initiative, students Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler built the ‘Lookout’ structure by hand from birch ply and mirrored stainless steel laminate.

Once in place at the National Park, the mirrored cuboid is virtually invisible, reflecting the scenery of the surrounding lochs and greens on its exterior walls.

Carved out interior spaces provide access to view-framing bench seats, which have been lined with thermally treated African Frake hardwood slats, in a style said to be inspired by Japanese architecture.

A separate wall parallel to the main structure increases the number of reflective surfaces and multiplies views for visitors standing in the gap between the panels.

Courtesy Inhabitat