Searching for an injection of creative inspiration? Saturday Indesign 2019 is here.

Taking place in Melbourne, you’ll be able to explore a selection of key areas across the city in a one-day format designed to inspire and delight. We’ll get you from A to B so you won’t miss any of the jam-packed, energy-filled design celebrations.

Add into the mix that there will be plenty of people in town for the INDE.Awards and the Australian Institute of Architects’ National Architecture Conference.

But what exactly is Saturday Indesign all about? You can expect interactive installations, creative collaborations, and the perfect backdrop to connect with the community. Get out of your workspace and into the industry in a festive and fun way.

It’s not just about mingling, while you’re out and about you are also learning and absorbing from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Develop your professional knowledge with the latest and greatest from the best brands in the design sphere.

Save the date for Saturday Indesign, (re)ignite your passion for the design industry while absorbing valuable design knowledge at the same time.