London designer Samuel Wilkinson has developed a new public shelter that can collect large amounts of solar energy in its 7 metre canopy.

Named ‘Nature’, the shelter’s wide form is made from a slatted wood underside that is supported by a painted galvanized steel structure, creating a covered area from the sun and rain.

The Nature awning is inspired by the shape of the African Acacia tree, which has wide, flat canopies with very little vegetation underneath.

The overhead formation is designed to have minimal impact at ground level while working to create an energy neutral public space.

Able to function as a singular piece or in a series, Nature can harness solar energy to produce power for local street furniture, kiosks and other amenities, as well as being adapted to set up new charge points for electric cars.

Currently in the development stage, the project will be produced in collaboration with Spanish outdoor company Urban Square.

Courtesy Designboom