Drawing from Practice is a new book that explores the different ways leading architects use freehand drawing to design and shape the world.

Authored by J. Michael Welton, Drawing from Practice features the freehand drawing styles of 26 diverse and reputable architects, with the book tracing the tactile sketch from conception to finished product through words, images, and photographs that reveal the creative process in action.

The book features drawings and architecture from every generation practicing today, including Aidlin Darling Design, Alberto Alfonso, Deborah Berke, Marlon Blackwell, Peter Bohlin, Warren Byrd, Ellen Cassilly, Jim Cutler, Chad Everhart, Formwork, Phil Freelon, Michael Graves, Frank Harmon, Eric Howeler and Meejin Yoon, Leon Krier, Tom Kundig, Daniel Libeskind, Brian McKay Lyons, Richard Meier, Bill Pedersen, Suchi Reddy, Witold Rybczynski, in situ studio, Laurinda Spear, Stanley Tigerman, and Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects.

The new book is a reminder in an age of cutting edge technology that drawing by hand remains an enduring art form integral to the design process. Deeply researched and featuring over 200 full-colour drawings, the book is for anyone with an interest in architecture, design and drawing.

Amanda Koellner, Managing Editor, Design Bureau Magazine, USA: “A must-read for architects and architecture enthusiasts alike, Drawing From Practice offers an unprecedented look at the creative processes of some the most influential figures that shape our world - and the sketches that guide their work. The drawings presented feel intimate, the sources tapped reveal a wealth of knowledge, and J. Michael Welton's writing, as always, is complex enough for experts while remaining accessible for casual fans of architecture.”