Hadrian X, the commercial version of the robotic bricklayer created by the Perth-based robotic technology company FBR Ltd has completed its first house in less than three days.

The 180-square-metre, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house was built in less than the targeted three days.

Describing the achievement as a quantum leap for the construction industry, FBR chief executive Mike Pivac said the task was undertaken after completing Factory Acceptance Testing of the Hadrian X construction robot.

The results are very impressive, given that the work was completed in test speed and for the very first time. The finished structure was verified by a structural engineering consultancy group as having met the relevant building standards.

According to Pivac, Hadrian X is the world’s only fully automated end-to-end bricklaying solution. The company now plans to enhance some features before bringing both Hadrian X robots back to their High Wycombe facility for demonstration to key commercial stakeholders.

Pivac anticipates significant worldwide demand for the robotic bricklayer and plans to capitalise on it with a global commercialisation strategy.

Designed to operate with minimal human interaction, the Hadrian X works around the clock, laying up to 1000 bricks an hour, equivalent to the average output of two human bricklayers in a day.

FBR entered into a collaboration with US-based construction machinery giant Caterpillar in July this year for the development of Hadrian X.