Renewable energy company Renovagen has introduced a new high power photovoltaic array that can be rolled out on the ground for quick installation. Designed by John Hingley and his team at Renovagen, the Roll-Array is a flexible and easy-to-transport instant microgrid that can bring solar power to the remotest of places.

The Roll-Array is in the form of tightly wound solar spools that can be easily towed by a standard 4×4 vehicle. When connected to the back of the vehicle, the flexible solar panels are pulled out of the spool to cover the ground in minutes. According to Renovagen, the panels will be able to generate up to 100kWp – 10 times more power than other transportable solar panels on the market today.

Compared to a standard rigid solar field that takes 22 hours of manpower to install, Roll-Array’s thin, flexible sheets roll out in just two minutes with the installation requiring just two persons. Once spread onto the ground, the panels can be bolted or staked to withstand winds of over 80 mph. With batteries and inverters attached to the base of the panels, solar power generation will begin in just five minutes after installation.

In addition to quick installation, Renovagen’s Roll-Array delivers the benefit of fuel cost savings during transportation. The solar spools can be carried by the 4×4 vehicle attached to a small air pallet trailer in tow, eliminating the need for large diesel generators.

Renovagen’s ingenious innovation is recommended especially for large areas of flat ground, such as remote camps or military bases. Considering the quick and easy transportation and installation, the Roll-Array is also ideal for providing instant energy in areas hit by natural disasters.