Architect, interior designer, project manager and lecturer at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Mohamed M. Radwan, has unveiled Qworkntine — an airtight pod system that can provide coronavirus security within work spaces while maintaining the same number of employees per square meter, as in a traditional office system. 

The pods have been developed with safety and protection in mind for those who can’t work from home. 

With the world under lockdown for an extended period of time because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some essential business have had to keep working at their physical spaces. 

The longer the quarantine continues, more companies may be forced to do the same, and as countries continue to reopen, business have had to rethink the way they work. with Qworkntine, companies can provide with the required social distance measurements, guaranteeing safety and protection for their workers.

The design of the Qworkntine pod offers flexibility thanks to its hexagonal hive-like shape. 

This shape allows for the pods to be organised inside offices, optimising the workspace. 

Pods can be customised depending on different needs, allowing it to fit in 90º angles, and can be elongated to accommodate top executives and management. 

Doors are automatic, hand-less and controlled by facial recognition. Pods can be completely sealed, therefore ventilation fans have built-in air purifiers, ensuring clean air inside. 

The pod is envisioned as made of hygiene friendly non-porous materials that can be easily cleaned and disinfected to avoid contamination.