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Artists, architects, designers and students from around the country are expected to compete in the Kenilworth Designer Dunny Competition organised by the Kenilworth community in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council.

To be launched at Isaac Moore Park on October 31, the competition invites creative minds from across Australia to design a public toilet structure that celebrates the Kenilworth community and delivers an iconic and innovative public artwork, with $10,000 going to the winning design.

Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson, who has championed the project from its inception, said that the Sunshine Coast has a wealth of talented businesses and individuals working in the creative sector. The Council is committed to supporting and growing this sector even further through national art competitions such as the Kenilworth Designer Dunny Competition.

Cr Rogerson explains that participants in the competition will have to resolve unique design challenges including planning a structure that sits at least four metres above the existing ground level to avoid problems from seasonal flooding.

The ‘designer dunny’, according to Cr Rogerson, will not only serve its functional purpose of providing amenities in a much used and loved park, but will also be a major talking point and draw card for the Kenilworth area.

Those interested in participating in the Kenilworth Designer Dunny Competition can access the Sunshine Coast Council’s website for a complete design brief, a full list of technical challenges involved in the project, and the submission process.

The Kenilworth Designer Dunny Competition is open to everyone from qualified architects, right through to students, individuals and teams.

All the entries will be evaluated by a judging panel featuring well-respected Sunshine Coast architect John Mainwaring; Cr Rogerson; Queensland Art Gallery Curator Lynne Seears; world renowned sculptor Greg Johns; and former Kenilworth Arts Council President Shirley Moreland. 

The competition closes on January 29, 2016, with the winner announced in March 2016.