The Queensland design industry came together last night at the state’s annual Australian Institute of Architects President’s Dinner, recognising the Ecovillage at Currumbin for its ongoing commitment to demonstrating a truly sustainable community.

Clinching one of two President’s Prizes, the Ecovillage at Currumbin is located on a semi-rural site on the Gold Coast, and achieves self-sufficiency in energy usage and complete autonomy in water and wastewater recycling.
It is home to a thriving and engaged community of 200 people, and includes a village centre consisting on community facilities, home offices and retail space.

Fifty per cent of the 110 hectare site has been retained as an environmental reserve, with a further 30 per cent dedicated to open space.

Ecovillage by Currumbin

“The Ecovillage at Currumbin is one of the great achievements of contemporary Queensland. It remains the benchmark achievement in sustainable community development in Australia – the many experts and researchers from around the world who continue to visit attest to that,” said Queensland chapter president, Shane Thompson.

Thompson also paid tribute to the late Christopher Walton (1958-2012), who was the visionary behind the Ecovillage.

The other President’s Prize award went to ABC Radio National By Design’s producer, Janne Ryan, for her contribution to the public discourse on architecture and design.

Janne Ryan

Celebrating Ryan’s extensive career working in the media as an ideas curator, writer and producer of programs on ABC Radio National, Thompson said that her work across radio, television and print, as well as with the TEDx program in Sydney, is unrivalled in this country.

“She seeks out great work and great architects and brings them to the attention of a public audience who mightn’t otherwise have the opportunity to hear about such contributions,” said Thompson.

“Janne does this in a manner which is never patronising or condescending: giving architects a voice, illuminating the work and its importance in an accessible and relevant way.”

The night’s presentations also named the Institute’s 2013 Life Fellow and Fellow recipients and the winners of the QIA Medallion and the Board of Architects’ Queensland Prize.

Full list of winners:

President’s Prizes
Janne Ryan, Producer, ABC Radio National By Design
The Ecovillage at Currumbin

Life Fellows
Richard Allom LFRAIA
Bruce Buchanan, LFRAIA
Prof Gordon Holden LFRAIA, Griffith University
Allan Kirkwood LFRAIA
Dr Robert Riddel LFRAIA, Conrad Gargett Riddel
John Walsh LFRAIA, John Walsh Architects Pty Ltd

Desley Campbell- Stewart FRAIA
Henry Hancock FRAIA, Architectus Brisbane Pty Ltd
Fred Iezzi FRAIA, idearchitecture pty ltd
Michael Kennedy FRAIA, Michael Kennedy Architect
Diane Lund FRAIA, Colin Trapp & Associates Pty Ltd
Anthony Madden FRAIA, Tony Madden Architects & Interiors Pty Ltd
Peter McCabe FRAIA, ABM Architects
Susan Rossi FRAIA, DBI Design Pty Ltd
Andris Stenders FRAIA, Codd Stenders
Lawrence Toaldo FRAIA, Conrad Gargett Riddel

QIA Medallion - Awarded to the most outstanding student in the final year of the architecture course
From QUT: Nicholas Martoo, Conrad Gargett Riddel
From UQ: Rachael McCall

Board of Architects of Queensland, Board of Architects Prize – Awarded for the greatest proficiency over whole of architecture program
From QUT: Nicholas Martoo, Conrad Gargett Riddel
From UQ: Rachael McCall