The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has called for community feedback on plans to develop the new Sydney Fish Markets, in Glebe.

The Department’s executive director of Compliance, Industry and Key Sites, Anthea Sargeant, says community input is a vital part of the planning process.

“The first application, which includes a concept proposal seeking approval for the site’s layout and development controls such as building heights and gross floor area, also seeks approval for demolition of existing structures on the site,” says Sargeant.

“The second application seeks approval for the detailed design of the Fish Market.”

The proposed Sydney Fish Markets complex includes:

  • A new three-storey building with a gross floor area of 26,751 square metres
  • Wholesale services space, boating facilities with up to eight operation wharves for the fishing fleet
  • A multi-purpose wharf for recreational vessels and a private-operated ferry stop
  • Shops, markets, kiosks, food and drink premises with the potential for liquor licenses
  • Multi-functional spaces and areas for exhibitions, events (including community events) and functions and culinary education facilities.
  • Below-ground parking consisting of 417 parking spaces for service and delivery vehicles, smaller coaches and private vehicles
  • Waste management facilities and storage and plant areas.

“Community input is essential to help us make a thorough and rigorous assessment and ensure potential impacts are fully considered,” says Sargeant.

Image: Supplied