PTW Architects recently hosted a transit-oriented development event in Sydney which gauged the enthusiasm of Chinese investors in future projects for the greater city region. 

PTW notes that Chinese investment is expected to support a range of projects planned for Sydney, both in the public and private sector and that the planned investment by the NSW Government into rail infrastructure, recently led to a visit by a group of senior rail specialists and bankers from the public and private sector in China.

Among the projects planned by the NSW Government includes a new Metro Rail strategy and a Plan for Growing Sydney which have been prepared to identify a vision for Sydney. This strategy and growth plan is clear in its objective to drive growth around integrated land use and transport corridors. The improved infrastructure includes new rail systems, light rail systems and multi modal transport hubs. PTW explains that the planned Metro Line starting with the North West represents a massive opportunity for Sydney’s development. As part of its positioning as a global city, Sydney now has the focus of Asia.

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Focussed on the topic of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), the event featured panellists including Stacy Mitchell, Deputy Director of TfNSW; Bernard Gallagher, Director, JBA; and PTW's Rail Director, Neil Hill. The panel was moderated by Aaron Gadiel, partner at Gadens Law and a previous Chief of Staff at NSW Government.

Among the delegates at the event were several inward Chinese investors seeking more information on the opportunities offered by Sydney as it moved towards achieving the Government’s vision of a global city, with a competitive economy of world-class services and transport, a city of housing choice, a place with strong, healthy and well-connected communities, and a sustainable, resilient city that protected its natural environment.