Slovakian firm Design Develop has come up with an idea to transform roadside billboards into compact apartments to provide alternative shelter for the homeless.

Titled ‘Project Gregory’, the initiative sees billboards transformed into triangular dwellings, consisting of a wooden frame, concrete base, Oriented Strand Board facing, wooden or steal stairs and two windows.

Inside, the structure is split into two rooms, with the first made up of a kitchen, small office desk, and a raised bed set above a storage space, and the second containing a bathroom.

According to Design Develop, the housing would be funded in part by the proceeds of selling advertising space on its exterior walls.

While the concept was designed for the city of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia because of the easy implementation thanks to the water and energy grids, the designers believe with adequate consultation that it could be applied anywhere.

The Project Gregory website states that the nonprofit platform is an “open source” idea, freely available for architects, designers and artists to study, build upon and implement in their own cities.

Courtesy Inhabitat