Still seeing some scary creatures hanging around days after Halloween has ended? Perhaps you should invest in a ‘Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1)’ from Tiger Log Cabins. 

The UK company is selling prefabricated, interlocking log cabin kits, which they claim could save your life in the instance of a zombie apocalypse.

The ZFC-1 is made up of three separate buildings and comes equipped with everything needed to survive an attack, including off-grid technology, entertainment facilities, and some heavy weaponry.

Incorporated into the design is a garage, food and weapon storage room, sleeping quarters, kitchen, living room and even a gym and garden.

Each of the buildings features a pair of lockable doors, and the largest also sports a rooftop terrace to offer a 360-degree vantage point.

The cabin comes with a 10-year ‘anti-zombie guarantee’, but the company notes, “We require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim.”

Courtesy Dornob