The National Precast Concrete Association has revised its communications strategy to better provide services to architects, builders and engineers, says the organisation’s CEO Sarah Bachmann.

This includes new free to join ‘Web User’ subscriber services that allow for relevant targeting of information from video and print project case studies to the supply of technical updates.

The Association is also focusing on working better with allied industry media, and is expected to be generating stories of interest to these publications.

“To get the ball rolling, we went out and asked architects, builders and engineers what they wanted from us and how they wanted it delivered. We now have a much better idea of what interests each group. Common to all three groups was a desire for faster electronic delivery and better targeting of material. So we have revised our service and communications strategy and are responding to their wishes,” explains Bachmann.

“Those we surveyed didn’t want to see yet another industry publication coming across their desks or into their inboxes. They want to see more precast content included in the publications they already get.”

As part of its revised communications strategy, the Precast Association has partnered with DesignBUILD, a leading architecture and construction exhibition in Australia, and expects to be an integral part of both its shows.

As well as communicating directly with its subscriber audience, generating targeted content for industry publications and having an involvement with exhibitions, National Precast will also use social media and allied organisations’ conferences as vehicles for delivering information.