Architects’ Creative have designed a clever and sustainable extrusion to a Christchurch home is New Zealand.

With a footprint of 120m2, only adding 20m2 to its original space, the replanned extension had longevity at the forefront of its design.

Working practically and within the original thermal framework of the existing building,” the thermal mass and structure of existing concrete was utilised in conjunction with new elements.”

 Some of these elements included “warm-roof construction, thermally broken aluminium joinery, natural and sustainable sourced material selections, solar hot water and integrated heat recovery system,” according to Architects’ Creative. 

The POP! Up was driven by social spaces such as the kitchen with beaming natural light on ground level, whilst maintaining a physical connection to the landscape, access to its rooftop, double-height ceilings and a new bedroom plus en-suite on its first floor. 

The extrusion is a simple conception of minimal window placing with exponential views of the grazing hills neighbouring and features stuck as stack ventilation and a skin of marine-grade aluminium panel-cladding.

“The resulting spaces of the home embody the craft of architecture, bringing joy to the occupants in their everyday living, thus meeting their desire for an enduring family home,” according to ArchDaily.