Stéphane Malka of Malka Architecture envisions elevating offices, residences and public spaces above a bridge in Paris as part of his Pont9 Project.

Built onto a bridge crossing over the Seines, the conceptual micro-city is supported via a system of pylons, interconnected footbridges, and scaffolding, which can be readily adapted to suit a variety of urban configurations.

Modular dwellings protrude out from the structure and house offices, residences, shops, galleries, public space, bars and more.

The scheme would be run entirely by residents.  

The project is a direct response to the recent economic downturn and spatial segregation inherent in real-estate prices.

Malka describes the concept as a “voluntary ghetto, an organized community of ideas, a hood built from an appropriation of land both conquered and controlled.”

Courtesy Inhabitat