A team of architects led by London firm Grimshaw has unveiled the design plans for a new six-runway Istanbul Airport, capable of serving 150 million passengers a year.

The team, which is made up of Grimshaw, Norwegina firm Nordic Office of Architecture and London studio Haptic Architects, are claiming the new Terminal One will be the “world’s largest airport terminal under one roof”, covering a site of nearly 100 hectares.

The terminal complex will include a plaza, forecourt on the landside, rail, metro, bus, coach and parking.

Covering the space will be a vaulted canopy dotted with skylights that will focus daylight onto key sections of the interior, such as check-in desks, passport control and shops.

The airport, which will be located 32 kilometres outside Istanbul on the Black Sea coast, will be built in four phases, with the first expected to open in 2018.

Courtesy Dezeen