Designers at Planet 3 Studios have created a nest-like woven structure to be used as a private meeting room at Baya Park offices in Mumbai.

According to Planet 3, the pod design is inspired by the complex nests made by the Baya weaver bird, after which the client company is named.

Constructed from a frame of plywood and clad in strips of recycled pine salvaged from inside shipping containers, the nest forms a bulb shape that narrows as it reaches the ceiling.

The woven surface allows light through to the interior space creating a welcoming and visually interesting environment for those sitting inside.

The nest is part of Planet 3 Studios’ biomimetic approach to refurbishing the sales area of the Baya Park office.

A green living wall, modern furniture and the company’s bird logo rendered on a backpainted glass panel have also been included as features in the new office space.

Courtesy Inhabitat